Why You Should Avoid Casino Transactions from your Indian Bank Account – and How to Work Around it?


The Government of India does not allow to run land casinos anywhere in India. Casinos are illegal in this country except for Goa where the only land-based casinos are found and that too on a cruise. No land has been allotted for physical casino across the country. This indicates that the concept of casino is denied. Gradually the concept of online casino gambling appeared and triggered the interest of the people around the world. Hence, if Indian players are playing online casinos based in the UK or USA no laws can stop them from doing so as they are easily accessible from any part of the world, including India.

As casino or gambling is illegal in this country, making transactions for gambling directly from the bank account to the casino website involves too many risks and the bank also keeps an eye on such transactions. The advanced technology informs the bank about the money transaction that is made in favour of casinos thereby considered as illegal. In a more precise manner making online casino transaction in India is considered to be illegal and the bank straight away denies the transaction. Almost every other bank around the world accepts the withdrawal and deposit money request from the casino sites without any disruption but in India lots of issues occur and this is the prime reason one should avoid making casino transactions from Indian Bank Accounts.

To combat the transaction difficulty in India, platforms like Neteller and Skrill came into existence. Later when banks in India came to know that the money would further be deposited into gambling sites, they begin to question the payment gateways, and this is how these platforms lost their credibility for depositing to the casino. Vice-versa, these platforms can effortlessly help you in the withdrawal of money from any

Solutions Created by the Casino Sites 

To eliminate the money deposit problem for the Indian online casino players, few sites develop the unique option of Gift Cards. This gateway of making payment is utilized by a few limited casino sites. This way of depositing money to the casino sites offer the players of India to play without any hindrance. The process of making a deposit is very easy and quick. While making a payment, the players are asked to choose the gateway for the transaction and with the selection of E- Pro option, the money is transferred from debit or credit card directly to the casino site account. The point to notice here is only Visa cards are accepted for money transaction.

The Online Gift Cards are the best method to make payment to online casino site from India as bank transaction can get the players in trouble or they never allow such transaction. Moreover, this option is limited to money deposit only because of withdrawal, Neteller or Skrill works the best in India. Though playing casino with Indian bank account holder is a little tricky, there is always a solution for it. The only disadvantage with such players is the little access of gaming sites because maximum gaming sites do not have the option of gift cards but few of the most popular and reliable site with this unique payment method are Royal Panda, Betway Casino, Dunder and others.