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Today, site page loading speed is a critical factor in determining its usability. This aspect is included in the list of 100 ranking factors that are significant for website promotion in search. And this situation was not without reason: these days it is hardly possible to find such a patient user who would be ready to wait for the page to load for more than 5 seconds. 

Hence the conclusion: if the site does not load fast enough, its owner simply loses users and customers.

Numerous experiments and studies show that more than 50% of visits to sites are made from mobile devices. This means that users expect from modern resources not just fast, but instant downloads. 

Moreover, on a variety of devices

Given this aspect, the author of the article will clearly demonstrate how the resource managed to achieve a page load rate of 100/100 (for desktops and mobile devices) Based on the results of a site check using the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

Prerequisites for the experiment

In fairness, it is worth noting that the site has historically loaded pretty quickly. However, initial testing using the Google’s page loading speed check tool revealed that the mobile site’s download speed score is 59/100. While the download speed of the desktop version of the resource was slightly higher 95/100. For the 먹튀검증 this is important.

As a final goal, the development team set the condition: to achieve the 100/100 indicator. Corrections of obvious shortcomings on the resource allowed to slightly increase the download speed up to 87/100, but did not lead to the ideal. Through methodical technical improvements, the developers of the resource ultimately managed to get the desired result:

How the site team achieved this will be discussed in the next part of the article

How to increase page loading speed: technical methods

Before proceeding to the description of techniques that can increase the speed of loading pages on a site, it should be noted that the recommendations of the tool for checking page loading speed from Google in themselves are an excellent guide to improve a number of technical aspects. Technical recommendations that are provided based on the results of a site check allow you to speed up the loading of resource pages by several times and implement best practices from the field of internal optimization. Moreover, all Google tips take into account the specifics and characteristics of the settings of the server on which the site is located.

While some aspects of working on the site require substantial technical expertise, others are much easier to eliminate. Some of the problems can be completely resolved automatically through the use of high-quality CMS.

We optimize images on the site

Following the recommendations of the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool, the website development team optimized all the images on the resource, increasing page loading speed by reducing file sizes. Using and TinyPNG tools allowed reducing file weight by 80% without loss of image quality.