The Players and Poker: The best You Can Have

Mobile poker applications, if you go to the “store” of your mobile device, are certainly wasted, among the free ones on games inspired by texasholdem, up to the apps created by the gaming operators that we have already seen in the list above, such as the mobile version.

The Right Games

If you are looking for bandar poker online games for pure entertainment or to refine you’re playing technique then it may be useful to try some of these mobile poker apps that we present to you, remembering that they can be safely downloaded without having to pay anything.

In choosing the apps we have especially taken into consideration the fact that they are versatile games and offer high standards both from mobile phones and tablets. There is not much difference between playing mobile poker on a new generation smartphone with a large screen and a 7 inch tablet. But when we opt for a larger device from 8.9 to 10 inches the difference is felt and how.

  • If we talk about tablets we are sure that many of you will think that it is a simple and pure “graphicmatter” and in some ways we can agree. But that is not all. A bigger screen not only allows you to better enjoy the details that various developers include in these mini poker games, but above all it increases the gameplay and stress less the view.

We wanted to consider this factor by presenting versatile mobile poker apps, which will run perfectly on both large and small screens. For the rest then, you can find many other applications designed specifically for your smartphone in addition to the best poker sites for iPhone and Android.

Now let’s see the 5 best mobile poker apps of the moment:

World Series of Poker

When we talk about mobile poker we can only raise our hands in front of a company that has essentially built all its business on the world of card games, particularly in gambling. This poker app presents in fact solid and well designed and above all designed for lovers not only of poker but especially of the Word Series of Poker.

The graphics are very accurate and the game offers you the opportunity to visit Las Vegas and other locations to qualify for the WSOP by collecting the classic rings of the Circuit.

The application is well connected with Facebook so that it will be possible to play on tablet and continue with the same bankroll and profile even on the famous social network. Guest mode and mini-games with slot machines are available.

Poker master

Thumbs up for a clean and clear app. Especially recommended for beginners who, in addition to playing, want to understand the mechanics of texasholdem.

The app will submit a random hand, between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 players, to a precise moment between flop, turn, and river and so on. Your task will be to select the best choice.

The odds and the various statistics will then be shown so that you can train yourself to calculate the various game chances, which will be indispensable both in online and live poker.

Fresh Deck Poker

This mobile poker app is designed for slightly more seasoned players who want to combine Texas Holdem with even a few mini-games of the casino.