The Perfect Storage Details in Database

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If by chance you don’t know what the cloud is, then know that you’ve come to the right place. In this simple article I will explain to you both what the cloud is, and how the cloud works. For the this is a very important part.

Why Was The Cloud Born?

Nowadays, thanks to the spread of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, we are able to access the Internet from virtually anywhere, with all the pros and cons this may entail. Sometimes, however, it can happen to create a file on your home computer, but the next day, going to work, you might forget to bring that file with you. Other times, on the other hand, it could happen that you find yourself with multiple copies of the same file and unfortunately don’t know what file you really needed. At worst, you could lose your smartphone, tablet or laptop containing all your files, or worse, it could even happen that your favorite device suddenly stops working.

What Is The Cloud? How Does It Work?

To solve these and other problems of this kind, the cloud was born which is nothing more than a personal storage space , sometimes called cloud storage, which appears to be accessible at any time and in any place by simply using any Internet connection. However, we must point out that with the term cloud , as well as referring to cloud storage , sometimes we could also refer to other services offered by cloud computing.

The cloud storage, then, does nothing but synchronize all your favorite files in one place, with the consequent advantage of re-downloading, modifying, deleting and / or updating them, without having the need to take external hard drives with them, USB pen drive , or anything else that you can normally lose or forget. In addition to this, if desired, there will also be the possibility of making valuable backup copies, as well as sharing all your favorite files with whomever you want, and for how long you want, with undoubted advantages in terms of time and practicality.

But Is It To Be Trusted?

Maybe you don’t feel safe leaving your files scattered around who knows where, but maybe you don’t know that you’ve been doing it for some time already. 

What do we mean? 

We refer to your email address, or rather, to your email inbox. In fact, your e-mail inbox is nothing more than a personal and private space that you can access only you, where and when you want. The mechanism of cloud storage is more or less the same, only that instead of sending, reading or deleting e-mail messages, you send, read, modify, delete, download or archive all or part of your files, that is, just as you are already doing now directly with your smartphone, with your tablet and / or with your computer.