The Martingale Method of Online Casino Gaming

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The Martingale method was created by casino players in the 18th century and basically serves as a betting system that allows you to double your bet amount consecutively until you hit one of the bets and then restart the cycle from the beginning. In the Martingale method, the player initiates a series of various bets, in which he doubles the amount of the bet until he hits one of those bets , and then starts the cycle again. This method was and is mostly used in gambling situations where the probability of winning is 50/50, such as in roulette (Black and Red) 좋은 먹튀 casinos. However, this method of betting can also be used in online sports betting, helping potential gamblers make long-term profits.

Any drawback?

The only drawback of the Martingale method is the requirement of a bank with some capital. If you lose a relatively large sequence of bets, you must have sufficient capital to double your bets in a row. 

As we can see from the table, Martingale’s method basically boils down to doubling the value of the previous bet, until it reaches a winning bet, allowing you to recover all previously lost bets and start profiting from the system. Even in a situation of 5 consecutive losing bets, it is possible to recover money on the sixth bet as shown in the table.

However, some things need to be taken into account when using Martingale:

No betting system is foolproof, as with Martingale

The vast majority of bookmakers have single-bet limits, so if you lose several consecutive bets, you will probably not be able to bet the desired amount;

A relatively large bankroll is required

With this in mind, it is possible to make money with Martingale, but strategy and some consideration are required, otherwise the banker disappears with some speed. We advise that when testing the Martingale method, you should start by using 1 Euro bets, for example, giving your bets more confidence and therefore implementing the method.


Considering that the value of the sixth bet is about 32 times higher than the starting value, some consideration is required in using Martingale, especially since the acceleration is quite fast, and for reduced banking it can be catastrophic. Therefore, when trying the method, do it with smaller values ​​to adjust your strategies. This method can be easily applied to your routine sports betting, and the only thing you need to do is double the value of your first bet consecutively. You can do this even in Football betting.