How can Joker teach you to deal with critical situations at the office?                                                                                                       

Play Indian Rummy game to know the trick

Each day at the office throws a new and tough challenge at you that you have to deal with within a stipulated time of a couple of hours of that very day. While some find it easy to complete tasks the rest take up more time to understand what the task is about. Sometimes, it’s more useful to learn about strategies from sources other than official work or the like. The Joker card in the Indian rummy game is one such thing that’ll definitely help you to form your own strategies at reducing the effort you put into your work while ensuring better output.

Three ways in which the Joker card helps during critical situations at the workplace:

  • Joker cards can be used as a lifeline:

The Indian rummy game can be played by 2-6 players at once with about two decks of cards. Not only does it help in bonding with the people at your workplace if you are playing the online game with them, but it also helps in finding out new strategies to deal with critical situations at work. The Joker card is usually used when a certain card is missing in the particular sequence that you have already arranged. That card becomes a substitute for the missing card in the sequence but no one comes to know about it till the end of the game. Similarly, if you are unable to work on some project due to unavoidable circumstances you can be the chameleon and use someone else to play your part in the project without letting anyone know about it openly. What you gain from this are less effort and the expected output.

  • Joker card has no value in Indian rummy game:

The Joker card has no points to it. Hence, it helps you to win the Indian rummy game very easily. If the Joker card that’s overturned from the deck turns out to be an actual Joker card, then all the Aces to are considered to be so. The strategy that you can use from this rule of the game is that if you distribute urgent work, which seems impossible to be completed within a very short span of time, to at least two people. These two can then do the same too, say, four other people at the same workplace, whose work pressure’s not too high at the time. Therefore, the work is done quickly and within the given time as well.

  • Wait for the perfect Joker card at your workplace:

While playing the Indian rummy game, don’t discard any card before having a look at what the Joker card is. Once you get to know it, it’ll be easier for you to arrange the cards accordingly. Therefore, at the workplace, before distributing urgent work to some colleagues get to know whether they’re responsible and punctual. Only then can you trust them with your work.


At the workplace, one must be very tactful and clever while handling tasks that are to be submitted. If there’s a lack of sources where you could look for tricks and tips to get your work done in smart ways, the Indianrummygame is a definite winner.