Five Niche IDN Slot Machine Online

There are thousands of IDN Live Online. Some are having outstanding graphics and others having innovative gameplay elements rather and also some bonus systems. Though at the end of the day don`t you care most about finding the best IDN slots to win real money!

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Play prize-winning games with IDN Live Online

Life is too short, then why wastes your time in wasting money? Playing useless games that won`t actually pay a single penny is such a waste of time. We have all been there before. Before throwing your coins and cash into a game without really seeing a return put those days behind you. After researching you have to be very particular about your choice.

Find all the best IDN Live Online slots

To win real money finds all the best IDN Live Online slots. It is really that simple. Instead of spinning your wheels hoping for a big payday, you will finally know exactly where to go to find an IDN slot that actually pays. Better bets are your one-stop source for the gambling insights. You need to take your gameplay to the next level. Just sit back relax and be ready to unlock the top secrets to step forward to success.The five best IDN Live Onlineslots are Mega Fortune, Wheel of Fortune, Thunder of Fortune, GUNS N` ROSES, and AVALON II.

  1. Mega Fortune

Mega fortune by net entertainment is a five reels 25 pay line slot that features a life-changing jackpot. This game is known for paying out one of the largest online jackpots of all time. In January of 2013, this fun and well-playing video-slot paid out a simply outrageous seventeen point eight seventeen point eight million Euros in prize winnings with a 96.4 payout rate. This IDN slot game is definitely worth your time and money.

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  1. Wheel of Fortune

The next online slot to win real money that needs to know is called Wheel of Fortune. This online video version is one of the highest online slots of time wheel of fortune by IGT has an impressive 96.6% return to play rate.

  1. Thunder Fortune

It is one of the best online slots for winning real money. The mobile version of this game actually has a ridiculous 2.5 million Euro jackpot. The regular version can earn up to 120 thousand Euros with a payout rate of 96.6 %. This IDN slot game can definitely change your life.


The perfect games for fans of the 80s metal icons. This game is worth playing for any gambler because it offers one of the highest returns to players of any game out there. This game pays a stunning 96.9% net and spares no expenses. When they design this high-quality musical slot adventure, Guns and Roses have free spins multipliers,mini-games, and a massive top.


In a land of castles, kings, and magic Avalon II stands apart as a truly life-changing video slot experience, designed by micro-gaming. This IDN slot game offers a blistering 97% return to players. Winning real money matters to you featuring five reels and 243 ways to win.