Double Chance Betting You Can Play Now Perfectly

Increasing the odds on your “Double Chance” bet is possible and above all, it’s easy to obtain. In this article, we will explain how to do this through a concrete example. Then, you will also discover our bet dispatcher tool to apply this method (to come).

Tncrease double chance bet winnings

What is a “Double Chance” bet?

First of all, a “Double Chance”, “Double Chance” or even “Double Result” bet (name that varies depending on the bookmaker) is a type of bet that reduces the risk of losing.

For example, betting on the result of a football match means choosing between these 3 possible outcomes: 1 (team 1 wins), N (draw) or 2 (team 2 wins).

If you choose a 안전토토 “Double Chance” bet, you have 3 options: 1N (team 1 wins or draws), N2 (team 2 wins or draws) or 12 (team 1 or team 2 wins).

  • The odds for this type of bet are quite low as the odds of winning are higher.
  • The “Double Chance” bet is often used by bettors to boost the odds of a handset and it generally increases the chances of success.

As we said above, the odds for this type of bet are small or very small. However, we will see together that it is possible to considerably increase the odds of your “Double chance” bets.

The method to earn more

This method involves betting twice, not just once, on a “Double Chance” bet offered by a bookmaker. To do this, simply divide your initial bet (bet on which you wish to place your “Double chance” bet) into 2 parts.

For example, you choose 1N (team 1 wins or draws). Instead of playing your entire bet on a single “Double Result” bet offered by the bookmaker, you will bet:

  • A first bet on 1 (team 1 wins)
  • And a second bet on the N (draw) 

By doing so, you have just made your own “Double Chance” bet. Now, let’s see how to get a better odds and how to calculate the stakes.

How do we get a better rating?

To have a better odds in “Double Chance”, you must perform the following calculation:

Example with a bet on 1N: (C1 * CN) / (C1 + CN)


  • Here C1 equals the odds of team 1 wins and CN equals the odds of a draw.
  • Thanks to this calculation, you can get a better one than that of the bookmaker. Be careful, it is not systematic but it happens frequently.
  • It is quite possible to apply the same calculation by betting on N2 (replace C1 with C2) or on 12 (replace CN with C2).

The calculation to distribute your bets is also important.


You must therefore make 2 bets. Let’s take the example of the 1N double chance bet again:

A first bet on the victory of team 1: (M * CN) / (C1 + CN)

A second bet on the draw: (M * C1) / (C1 + CN)