DominoQQ: The Traditional Card Game In Indonesia!

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DominoQQ is an online game available for all age groups and different skill level people. Children or adults can play it and has become popular. Domino is played commonly for fun,but also you can play seriously for competition. Many tournaments and competitions take place in different part of the world.

Forgambling, people like it more. You can play it online for making real money. There are different versions of this games which are well known as a block and draw game. These are basic for many other variants of dominos.

The standard dominoes are tiles in small rectangular shape marked with a lot of circular dots which is also known as pips or spots comes on either side of two ends with a line on center known as divider, bar or center.

They come in a lot of sizes,but the common type of dominoes is of tow inch long size, wide one inch and thickness 3/8 inch. It is small enough that can be held and also large enough for showing in the domino gameplay and can be placed and get manipulated easily. The thickness of tiles makes them stand on their edges easily.


Domino is originally made in China. Certainly, written references of its early versions were played in the 12th century. Eventhough those are different than most of the version played currently today, ultimately it is derived from.

The game has got worldwide acknowledge form each part of the world including Italy and Europe particularly. It has become much popular in the UK also where domino is played widely.

Variation of the Game

Many versions of domino games are available online. Most popular type of domino games are two; block and draw. In both of the modern game set of the domino is used which is double of six set of 28 tiles. In this, 28 tiles of each set are split into two effectively with a line drawn through the middle. On each part of half tiles contain a certain number of dots which are called pips that shows its value.

There are zero to six number of pips shows on each half part of the tile. Zero is considered blank, same number of each pip on the half tile is called doubles. If a tile has six pips on the first half and six pips on second half it is double of six tiles.