Auto play isa Unique Feature in the World of Casino Games

Every player builds their own strategy for playing online casino games. As most players opt to play casino games from the comfort of their home, there is no one to judge their strategies. Another feature unique to an online casino, unavailable in brick and mortar casinos is autoplay. In slot machines, you will find this feature just below the reels bang opposite of the spin button. You have to select the number of spins that will go in a row without any interference. The number can be any from five to hundreds, but you can also select the game to initiate if you win a jackpot. It can also be triggered if the winning amount is more than a set value. 

Advantage of budgeting

Install the 918kiss download app on your mobile and start playing online slot games. In these games, you will also find the autoplay feature. The budgeting factor is the key aspect of this autoplay feature. Automatically it exhibits the total betting amount; you need not calculate it manually. Everything is displayed the number of spins you played, your bankroll balance if it has diminished or enhanced, and other relevant information. By setting these parameters, you become a responsible wager. You can track what is happening without being too much involved in it.   This feature restricts you; warn you if you are very close to your limit, yet want to carry your gambling pursuits. 


It can be assumed as you active autoplay; you become laid back and enjoy as the game progress. If a bonus feature is suddenly unleashed, you want to take matters in your hand. If a free bonus multiplier is triggered, everybody wants to press the spin button. If your primary aim is to play within your means and activated the autoplay mode, then it will track every spin. You need not watch every spin and jolt it down in paper or in your mind.

Uninterrupted flow

Every wager has their own superstition, and it becomes prominent in winning streaks. In slot games, one of the major and common fallacies is not to interrupt the flow when you are high and move with the rhythmic flow. But what happens when you have to take a call or answer to nature’s call? Autoplay can continue on your behalf until you return, but it will stop when a bonus round is activated.

Online casino apps

Online casino apps are a fun and convenient way to play your favorite casino games. But this is a bit different from the mobile version of casino games. When you download the 918kiss download app on your mobile, you do not have to connect to the website through the browser. To play, you just have to click the app; you can even ply when there is no internet connection. A casino app is very similar to the shopping app provided by eBay or Amazon. As the app is specially designed for mobile, it is more intuitive and interactive. It provides all the fun of betting online with features and designs specially crafted for mobile use.