Are you familiar with Blackjack? What you must know if you are a novice player?

17Blackjack is one of the favorite IDN slot games for many players. In this game you have to use as much luck as mathematics and get to score 21 points in your cards to beat the dealer. It is a game in which the participants are not really opponents but they are competing against the dealer.

If you want to start playing Blackjack online, you must at first play a demo version for few times. So you can explore the open possibilities to win as a special guest. This will facilitate learning if you have not played before and the best thing is that you do not risk your own money. Remember that it is always necessary to bet, because without bets there are no victories, no defeats.

2 letters

The round starts with two cards for each player and for the dealer. Once you have received these letters you can double your bet by requesting a third card. Remember that the objective is to achieve 21 points or more than the dealer, who in turn receives two cards and places only one face up.

What you can do with your hand?

Everything you can do with your cards will depend on whether it is a Soft Hand or Strong Hand. A “soft hand” is considered to be one in which it is almost impossible to go over 21 when asking for a third letter. For example, an AS and a 7. On the contrary, when it is very likely that you exceed 21, it is considered a “strong hand”. According to the nature of your hand, then you can do the below tricks.

Separate or Split

If the two cards you receive at the start are the same, then you can separate them so that each card represents an independent bet that you can play separately.

Surrender: When you surrender you recover 50% of your bet although this is not possible in all the casinos.

Count or add letters: Counting the cards is essential. You must not go over 21 because you automatically lose your bet no matter what cards the dealer has, so add well and visualize the mathematical possibilities of play to know if that sum forces you to keep your bet or your cards, stand or ask.

Planate: Your challenge will be placed in knowing when the right moment to follow is. When it is necessary to ask for a letter, and when to stay planted or keep your hand. Once you have planted yourself, the IDN sport online dealer must play his cards and reveal the only card that is face down. At the end of the round, everyone shows their cards to know the winners.

Ask for a letter: If you consider it imperative to ask for a third letter to get closer to 21 or to achieve them in the best of cases, then ask for it and add your score. The chances of keep playing will also depend on your game strategy in use.