3 main of layout Baccarat

Two red cards in a row

The layout of this card is drawn as if it were a pair of cards. If even 2 consecutive winners are issued repeatedly, such as player, player, banker, banker, player, player, banker, banker

Outline 3 cut cards

It corresponds to the word 3 cuts, which is the same as being repeated, but it does not come out more than 3 times. When either side has issued 3 times, it will switch to the opposite side abruptly. But in this case, perhaps it may be issued Player, Player, Player, Banker, Player, Player, Player, Banker like this

3 cut card layout

only to be repeated on either side 3 times in a row for a long time, such as players, players, players, bankers, dealers, bankers at all

The dealer’s card

From all statistics of betflix baccarat games, in the first 50 eyes, there is a 60% chance of coming out on the side of the overwhelming hand than on the player’s side. Therefore, it was born as the dealer’s card. When you look at all the statistics, it is seen that there are more dealers out there. This section will only work when draw a dealer card that is similar to a dragon card. in other words, the dealer is very often in a row. Which is the easiest to be born so there is a player playing card 

If the cards come out in this format, we will be able to bet very easily, but bets on the banker side have a payout rate of 0.95 to replace. When placing a bet of 100 baht, you will only get 95 baht.

And this is the issue of the card layout, and also the most popular example of placing bets. Because from the statistics, when the cards are directed in either direction Like it tends to go that way often, with many people having the impression that it’s been repeated often. May be out alternately, so try to stab the garden Placing a bet like this makes it necessary to lose a lot of people’s bets, hence the trend.

The appearance of the card layout is good. Do not try to thrust against the current. And most importantly, reading the cards It should be applied to the movement of money in various formulas to increase the way of winning for even more gambling.